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WAY 4/15/2006
pg 80
Great story about Seth Godin.    Godin has quite a history in innovation usually trying
new technologies before anyone else.   Started Yoyodyne and currently promoting
Squido; a more user friendly browser.

He has written several books including
Permission Marketing.

The key takeaway from the article: The innovative use of a web "lens".  The article will
give you more info on lenses, but basically they are one-page websites dedicated to a
single search word, topic, or idea.  Click on the Squidoo link to the right to check it out!!

Ironically, this entire web site is built on Godin's basic idea, but unbeknown to me, I had
not heard of the "lens" reference until after building  The fact that
this web site will build itself from lens-masters all over the world means that this web site
will be using the most innovative way to create what I call, "Search Nets".  I define a SN
as the network of links formed after someone has made a lens-page.   This page would
be a lens within  All of the links that I point you to will be the first level
SN, or SN-1.  If you link to another link outside that web-page, you have now expanded
your SN to a level 2.  The idea is that you should be able to get to what you "really want
to know" within 2-3 levels of the lens SN.

If your only interested in Seth's most recent book, click on the book link.

Thanks to AA for this great article on a true innovator of our time, Seth Godin.
Check out the abstract for an article in
Harvard Business Review.  Title is;
Mapping Your Innovation Strategy.

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