Welcome to the Portal of All Innovative Thought
We are an organization dedicated to bringing all innovative thought to one singularity.          
Innovatology.com was conceived from a challenge to define one's self from the ultimate position of
generality.  The term Innovatologist was coined, which quickly led to the discovery of another new
concept; Innovatology, the Science of Innovation.
What will Innovatology.com become?
How was Innovatology.com conceived?
Innovatology.com will someday become the single most important web site for Innovative thought.  
We are dedicated to searching the web for anyone who appreciates Innovative thought.  In time,
everyone will contribute and share in the growth and usefulness of Innovatology.com.  In essence,
Innovatology.com will be nothing less than a continuously evolving portal of Innovative thought,
news, references and much, much more.
Where is Innovatology.com now?
Like all Innovative thoughts and ideas, Innovatology.com is in it's infancy.  It will start slow and
gain a small following.  Soon, Innovatology.com will be a secret of a select few who hear about and
get involved with the building of the foundation of what will become a powerful web site of the
future.  In time, and when the time is right, Innovatology.com will be launched to the world, thus
linking the greatest minds and efforts towards Innovative thought.  One year ago, no one had
conceived the term  Innovatology.  A Google search produced not one hit!  Today, there is a
company in the Netherlands called innovatology.nl.  This is only the beginning.  Be a part of the
future.  Be ready to Innovate right here!!....at Innovatology.com
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